For investors

With Capiche, investors understand the process and e-sign tailored documentation with our DocuSign integration.

Invest with ease

Investors follow a link in a news release, website or e-mail and are guided through the investing process in minutes, eliminating the frustrating back and forth.

Subscription status

Investors access their documentation and monitor the status of the offering and their subscription online.


Investors can be confident that their subscription and the offering comply with securities laws and stock exchange policies.

"I have no hesitation in recommending the Capiche platform to others who wish to save time and money on their next private placement financing."

Dianne Szigety, President - PubliCo Services Ltd

"Capiche dramatically simplified the private placement process for us. Not only did it centralize tracking of our orders and automate our news releases and submissions, but it also created a much more pleasant and quick subscription experience for investors. "

Brandon Macdonald, CEO & Director- Fireweed Zinc

"Capiche has condensed the documentation preparation time from hours to just minutes.  Now our private placement closings are not all day events but can be completed in less than an hour.  And we are able to generate a closing binder that includes all private placement documentation."

Donna Moroney, President - Wikilow Corporate Services

“Using Capiche we saved a significant amount of time; however, the majority of the time saved was post offering. The time we saved by the automatically generated treasury and warrant certificates alone was worth it, let alone the reduction we saw in third party fees.”

James Hesketh, Chief Executive Officer - Viva Gold Corp

"Capiche has made our financings very efficient. I like that I can log on and easily find the investor's subscription agreement. Thanks to Capiche, I know that the agreement was filled out correctly, saving me time."

Branden Haynes, CEO - Hawkmoon Resources

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